7. August – 1.September 2020; Hop Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

Solo exhibition by Kätrin Beljaev

Have you recognised a moment that stands out from the flow of time and that invitingly seems to say: here and now? It is just like a gateway to a new realm of cognition that opens up a space full of entirely new possibilities.

In Ancient Greek, the concept of “kairos” denoted a critically right moment when one has the chance to act and to accomplish something. Whereas “chronos” means the general flow and measurement of time, then “kairos” is the exact right moment that has to be recognised to make changes. Recognition of “kairos” was described as a metaphor for observing rhythms and changes in environment – for instance in the form of handloom weaving or shooting arrows. The weaving shuttle sliding between the threads must move at the right moment in order to produce an even fabric. A well-timed release of an arrow hits the target. Handloom and fabric, landscape and target – these are all a part of the constant flow of time and space. In urban landscapes, “kairos” is equipped with a meaning as a moment in social environment; a man’s location in social changes that results in interwovenness of various personal stories and relating formation of new images and motifs.